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With your profile at Lovearthangels You present yourself. Here is space for your personality, your world views, hobbies, desires, pictures and videos, and many more, present yourself in the proper light! Here you can answer your essays questions that we have created for you. This you can always edit, remove, or add your own. Make your profile unique and inspiring to attract attention.

Your project at Lovearthangels

Have you an exciting eco-social and sustainable project? Here is space for it! Set it in the right light. The projects on Lovearthangels contribute to the improvement of our planet. They bring a significant, positive impact on people and the environment. Issues such as energy, health, care, social cohesion, products eco-socially produced are welcome. Each member who wishes to produce a positive effect with his project can present his project on Lovearthangels and so find the right people around the world for it.

Edit your personal profile at Lovearthangels

On your personal profile side you can see at a glance who has written you messages, who has shown interest, who has visited your profile and much more. There is also room for music, which you can share with others, here you can also post and see articles and important events.

Language choice in our multilingual community

"The number of languages you speak is the number of times you are human. " - As Goethe quote says, languages are a treasure that should be cultivated. Therefore, you can fill out at Lovearthangels your profile in your main language but also select to choose a second language that you master very good. This increases the horizon to find the right partner!

Anonymous + Safe

With us nothing can happen - except that you fall in love, or find the right friend and project partner! Your data is through SSL encryption technically protected and can not be read by strangers.

No transfer of money!

Unfortunately you always find scammers on the web. Never transfer money to someone whom you know only from the Internet - no matter how touching, how moving the story may be, or how much you are in love. Get in touch with us immediately when you have doubts.

Be Yourself, but Carefully!

Don't disclose your personal contact data too early! Sometimes you will be asked to immediately divulge private details. If you trust the person 100%, then please do it. But for those who are not so quickly willing to disclose everything we have built specifically an internal email and chat portal. Unfortunately, we all know that there are people in the Internet that have bad fraudulent intentions and pretend to be your friends. We want as much as possible to protect you. Even if you have the slightest concern or uneasy feeling we ask you to contact us.

Report a Profile!

If a registered member behaves a way that is not comfortable, you can anonymously report this profile with the * report a member * function. We will check the profile immediately.